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What's in a Classroom Guided Reading Tool Kit?

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I came across this idea on Pinterest – a guided reading tool kit! What a neat idea – a place to put tools and resources that can help students during a guided reading session.

With this in your classroom you will have students begging to do guided reading with you!

I have put together some tools and resources that you may like to include in your guided reading tool kit!

Magnifying Rocks

I bought these from my local cheap shop. They are often put in the bottom of vases or bowls for household decorations. Kids love using these to magnify the words as they read them.

To stop bumpy reading you could talk about sliding the magnifying rock slowly with out stopping at each word!

Magnifying Rocks - Guided Reading Tool Kit

Students in Disguise

Some more items bought from my local cheap shop. Students love to wear these silly detective glasses as they become reading detectives or pop on the spy masks to become a reading spy! An element of fun for the students!

Pick an area for the students to focus on. If they need to improve their fluency, talk about the glasses/masks as fluency glasses! As soon as they put them on they become fluent readers! Magic!

Fun Guided Reading Glasses

Reading Detective Name Tags

Engage students during guided reading groups with this set of reading detective name tags. Students will be responsible for their reading detective role during reading activities and will be encouraged to participate in group discussions.

Assign each student with one of the following reading detective roles; predictor, clarifier, questioner, summariser, visualiser, connector, word finder and chief detective. I bought some cheap lanyards from my local newsagent!

Guided Reading Detective Name Tags

Magnifying Glass to Search for Clues!

Let your students really become reading detectives with a magnifying glass! I also bought these from my local cheap shop!

Students can go searching for words that they may not understand or search for sight words! Alternatively, students can answer comprehension questions and use their magnifying glass to find clues in the text that will help them answer the questions.

Magnifying Glass for Guided Reading

Take Notes!

All good detectives take notes! Rather then having students waste precious time looking for paper and pencils, have a collection of sticky notes in you your reading tool kit! Your students will love writing on them!

Students can use the sticky notes to write down words they don’t understand, or perhaps any questions they have about the book.

Sticky Notes and Pencils - Guided Reading

Activate Prior Knowledge Task Cards

Use this set of 12 comprehension strategy task cards to help students activate their prior knowledge before reading! These task card are generic so they can be used for any text during guided reading sessions!

Activating Prior Knowledge

Reading Detective Bookmarks

To match the reading detective name tags – these reading detective bookmarks can be used for each role as a checklist.

Assign each student with one of the following reading detective roles; predictor, clarifier, questioner, summariser, visualiser, connector, word finder and chief detective.

Reading Detective Bookmarks

Reading Strategy Bookmarks

These reading strategy bookmarks are the perfect reminder of the different reading strategies students can use if they get stuck on a word!

Reading Strategies Bookmarks

Eye Tracker

This is a cute idea! It may be worth having a couple of these in the tool kit to help those students who sometimes get a little muddled up when reading.

It is a visual reminder to help them keep track of where they are up to as they read through the words.

Reading Eye Tracker

Other Guided Reading Resources

We would love to hear from you…have you got any ideas?

Leave us a comment in this blog or tag us in a photo on Instagram @teachstarter (#teachstarter).


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