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Life Cycle of a Numbat Poster

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PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 7

A poster showing the life cycle of a numbat.

Print out this poster on A3 or larger and laminate it. Put it up in your classroom as a visual reminder of the life cycle of a numbat.

You could also use it as a guide for the students to copy in to their books.

Information includes:

* Gestation is about 14 days.

* At birth numbats are about the size of a jelly bean. They are born hairless and blind.

* Numbats cling to their mother’s underbelly where they suckle for 3-4 months.

* Young joeys are left in the burrow while the mother hunts for food.

* Joeys are ready to leave the burrow and establish their own territory when they are 9-10 months old.

* Adult numbat


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