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Man-made Disasters Posters with Information

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 4 pages | Years: 2 - 7

A set of four man-made disaster posters with information.

Nuclear disasters

Nuclear disasters can cause airborne radioactive particles to scatter and irradiate large areas. This is known as ‘nuclear fallout’. The radiation from nuclear fallout is hazardous to living things and can contaminate water supplies and food sources.


Oil Spill

An oil spill is the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially marine areas where it is difficult to contain.

Oil spills are a form of pollution that is deadly to plant and animal life.


Chemical Plant Explosion

A chemical accident is the unintentional release of hazardous substances which could harm human health or the environment. This could be caused by a chemical plant explosion or chemical spill, which would release chemicals into the environment.


Pacific Gyre Garbage Patch

Marine litter is a form of pollution caused by human-created waste that has deliberately or accidentally been released in a lake, sea, ocean or waterway. The Great Pacific garbage patch is one example of marine litter accumulation.


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