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Number Line Match-Up Activity (Up to 120)

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 2

Match two-digit whole numbers on a number line with this set of 32 task cards.

Through this activity, students will show they can name the whole number that corresponds to a specific point on a number line with equally spaced points. 

Number Line Match-Up Activity: Instructions

  1. Print the cards on thick card for increased durability.
  2. Shuffle all of the cards and place them face down in rows in the middle of the playing area.
  3. Player 1 flips over two cards. If the number belongs in the missing space on the number line, the player keeps the cards and takes another turn. If the cards do not match, they are turned over and the next player takes their turn.
  4. Play continues until there are no more cards left in the playing area.
  5. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins!

Scaffolding + Extension Tips 

Support students who need help understanding the concepts by starting with smaller numbers and gradually increasing the number complexity. 

Add a timed element to the game to challenge more confident students. Have them time themselves to complete the task, then have them repeat the activity to see if they can beat their previous time.


This resource was created by Lauren Blankenship, a Teach Starter Collaborator. 


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