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'Sit Down If...' Getting-to-know-you Elimination Game

Teach Starter Publishing
PowerPoint | 1 page | Years: 2 - 6

Play this interactive game with your new class to break the ice in the first week of a new school year.

Sit Down If…

…you have eaten chocolate today.
…you didn’t make your bed this morning.
…you have an ‘f’ in your first name.
…you wear a size 5 shoe.

Are you still standing? Or have you already been eliminated?

This beautifully simple icebreaker game will have your students laughing and enjoying themselves from the very first moment of a new school year!

How to play ‘Sit Down If…’

  • All students begin the game by standing up.
  • As each ‘sit down if…’ scenario is posed, a number of students may have to sit down.
  • Every so often, a ‘back-in-the-game bonus’ scenario is posed that may allow certain students to rejoin the game.
  • Keep playing until only one student remains and is crowned the winner!

Over 30 ‘sit down if…’ statements are included in the game! The PowerPoint template is editable, should you wish to add more statements for additional play.

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