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Snakes and Ladders Game Board Template

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PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 6

Create a fun activity for any subject area with this black-and-white board game template.

Solidify knowledge while encouraging your students to tap into their creativity and imagination! 

This template allows students to create their own board games based on a literacy or maths concept recently studied in class. It’s a great way to assess your students’ knowledge and understanding of different concepts. It also works well as an independent play activity for your reading and maths centers.

Additionally, use this template to create your own game for:

  • Guided groups
  • Intervention students  
  • Classroom games area
  • Whole-class review (via smartboard)

Scaffolding and Extension Tips: DIY Board Game Template

Enlarge and print a copy for each student in the class. Ask the students to use a range of art styles and techniques to decorate their game board by filling in each square and snake. Once completed, encourage the students to play a game of Snakes and Ladders with their peers.

If you have struggling students, assign pairs or groups to come up with the spaces as a team.

Easily Prepare This Resource for Your Students

This resource is available as a PDF. Print our build your own board game template on cardstock for durability. 

Turn this teaching resource into a sustainable activity! Print on cardstock and slip copies into dry-erase sleeves. Students can fill in spaces with a dry-erase marker, then erase and reuse. 

Get hundreds of templates for games, worksheets, decorations, resources, and everything in between! 

Don’t Stop There

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