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Big Drink One-Hour Timer Video

Teach Starter Publishing
59 mins | Years: F - 6

Use this one-hour timer to keep your class on track with their learning as the big drink slowly disappears!

Set a Timer for One Hour!

Do your students have one hour to work on a collaborative learning task?

Perhaps they have one hour to complete an assessment?

Or maybe they are being rewarded for great behaviour with an hour of free time? (Is this not every student’s dream?)

Whatever one-hour task your students are completing, countdown the time with Teach Starter’s Big Drink One-Hour Timer!

Starting off with an engaging 10-second countdown, the animated video tracks the dwindling minutes and seconds available for the current activity using the visual of a disappearing drink. Display it on your interactive screen with sound enabled, allowing your students to hear the gentle sips of a drink fading away, or switch to silent mode for a purely visual cue.

Multiple Uses for This One-Hour Timer

This versatile one-hour timer can be used in multiple ways during the course of a school day to help your students with their time management skills. Here are some ideas you might not have considered: 

  1. Research or Planning Time –  Do you have students who spend too much time researching or planning when completing an assignment? Set the one-hour timer to remind these students to move on to the next stage of their project.
  2. Rehearsal Time – Are your students participating in a group performance? Set a very strict one-hour rehearsal period for group rehearsal. Once the big drink timer goes off, it’s performance time!
  3. Class Meetings – Set the one-hour timer for class meetings or meetings of extra-curricular clubs to avoid these gatherings from going overtime. Whatever doesn’t get addressed can wait until next time!

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