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Classroom Spin Wheel

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for stages:  F - 6

Ready to use the online spin wheel? Our teacher team has plenty of ideas for using this fun word wheel tool in the classroom!

The Ultimate Classroom Spin Wheel

Add an element of surprise and fun to classroom activities with the ultimate tool for teachers — a classroom spin wheel created by our teacher team for teachers like you!

The premise is simple —  click to spin the wheel, and the section that the pointer lands on determines the outcome. This classroom spinner has become a popular behaviour management tool among teachers in the Teach Starter community, but the opportunities don’t stop there. Read on to learn how to use this free tool, plus some ideas from our teacher team!

How to Use Teach Starter’s Free Spin Wheel for Teachers

Change the words on the Spin Wheel via the settings menu. You can choose one of your saved Word Lists or add the words to the text box separated by commas. When you’re done, click ‘Spin’ in the middle of the wheel!


Customise your Word Lists so they are ready to use with your class.

Ways to Use This Online Spin Wheel in the Classroom

  1. Add students’ names to the spin wheel to choose a student at random. This works well for assigning classroom jobs, answering a question, or coming to the board to play the teacher’s assistant! You can load your entire class list into your Teach Starter account to make this easy — use the same list each time you need to choose a student at random.
  2. Add the names of different prizes to the wheel tool and use it as your classroom prize wheel. When your class has earned a reward, project the spin wheel on the screen and hit ‘Spin.’ Choosing a classroom prize has never been so easy!
  3. The Spin Wheel is perfect to use for spin-and-speak activities. Input different sentence starters that students must complete with a partner. Looking for a great getting-to-know-you activity for back to school? Why not input different favourite scenarios like favourite food, favourite movie, favourite outdoor activity, and then hit ‘Spin.’ As the wheel is spinning, students roam around the classroom. When it stops, they find the person closest to them and answer the prompt!
  4. Add to your English activities! Are you trying to find a quick activity for your students to practise blends? We have one for you! Input different blends your students are working on and hit ‘Spin.’ Set a timer, and have your students make a list of words that include that blend.
  5. Use it for review games. Use the wheel to gamify review time! Add different categories to the wheel, and have your students spin the wheel to determine the topic for a review question.

It’s Time to Create a Custom Spin Wheel Game!

  • Brain Breaks! Gamify your daily brain breaks by creating a custom list of brain break activities, such as an art lesson, 1 minute dance-off, or meditative breathing time. When the time comes, pull up your custom spin wheel game and spin your way to a fun brain break!
  • Raffle Wheel! Customise your spin wheel to serve as a raffle wheel for classroom rewards. Add labels to the wheel for the different prizes available, and spin the wheel to raffle them off. You could even use it for a real raffle to take place on a parent-teacher night as a fun motivator for attendance.

No matter how you spin it, there’s always a fun way to use a spinner in the classroom. Whether you need a simple random name generator, or something more fun like a prize picker wheel, the Teach Starter Classroom Spin wheel is the perfect tool for you!


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