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10 Fun and Educational Podcasts for Kids

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Are you looking for help to educate and entertain your children while they’re learning from home? A technology-driven learning activity that they can complete independently and that captures their attention, but that doesn’t keep their eyes glued to a computer, table or the television!

If you’re looking for something to tick all the boxes, why not check out some educational podcasts for kids?

10 Fun and Educational Podcasts for Kids

What are the Benefits of Podcasts for Kids?

There are dozens of amazing benefits to using technology for learning, however many parents and teachers are worried about the side-effects for students – especially when they involve brightly lit screens or over-stimulating images.

Child-friendly podcasts are resources that can provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities for students – without the added screen time! There are so many upsides to using podcasts for your childrens’ education:

  • Your children can engage in them independently.
  • They can be taken anywhere – listen to them sitting outside in the fresh air or sitting in the car – you name a location, you can listen to a podcast there!
  • Educational podcasts can develop your students’ listening and auditory comprehension skills.
  • Listening to podcasts can enhance other, more traditional learning activities that your students may undertake.

Podcasts are a source of entertainment, culture, news and information. They can be fictional, non-fictional, formal or conversational. There really is an educational podcast for every child.

Podcasts for Kids - Listen along and complete activities

Where Do I Find Child-Friendly Podcasts?

Most podcasts have a homepage at which you can listen to episodes or episode snippets, and read episode summaries. They usually also provide helpful links to Spotify, Google Play and Apple Podcasts to help you access their episodes through these streaming services.

Our Favourite Podcasts for Kids

Do podcasts sound like they’d be right up your (kids) alley, but you don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got a solution for you! Check out these 10 fun and educational podcasts for kids which will keep your students motivated and engaged.

Podcasts for Kids - Love Learning

#1 Love Learning

Of course, we had to kick-start this list with our very own podcast for kids!

Sharing weekly activities in every area of the curriculum, Love Learning will help your young ones learn and develop in so many ways. Not only is it curriculum-aligned, but teacher-host Bronwyn Brady provides engaging and educational activities to develop your kids socially and emotionally too.

Oh, and did we mention that it has tips and hints for parents and teachers to support your students’ learning? Take a look at the first episode below!

Podcasts for Kids - Quizicle Kids

#2 Quizicle Kids

Quizicle Kids is Nova’s latest foray into the world of child-friendly podcasts!

Perfect for primary-aged students and their families, this trivia-based podcast will have your kids stimulated and entertained. And, with comedian Lindsay Webb at the helm, these bite-sized episodes are sure to shine some bright happy notes on your days!

Podcasts for Kids - Story Pirates

#3 Story Pirates

Argh, there be a podcast for telling stories too!

Featuring original stories written by real kids, Story Pirates is a side-splitting podcast which adapts your stories into sketch comedy and musical theatre. The pirates themselves are a professional group of actors, comedians, musicians and improvisers – which makes for world-class storytelling!

Why not have your little learners take one of their favourite stories and adapt it in the theme of a story pirates podcast? You can even record it and send it to all of their friends!

Podcasts for Kids - Wow in the World

#4 Wow in the World

This super interesting podcast will take your students and their families out into the world from the comfort of their living room!

With their Two What’s?! and a Wow! episodes hosts Mindy and Guy challenge listeners to sort fact from fiction and tune into the coolest new stories about science and technology.

Podcasts for Kids - The Past and the Curious

#5 The Past and the Curious

The Past and the Curious brings you history-themed episodes your kids will love!

Sharing the stories of fascinating figures from the past, host Mick Sullivan is a professional museum educator who knows his stuff.

This podcast would perfectly complement lessons on historical empathy, then and now activities or even a biography activity.

Podcasts for Kids - But Why

#6 But Why

It’s that aged old question, loved by children and despised by parents!

Luckily for you, the question of ‘why?’ is answered in this podcast for curious kids. Tackling a broad range of topics, But Why explores the world from a child’s perspective.

Have a ‘But why?’ question that you’re struggling to answer at home? Send it in to the podcast and let them do the explaining for you! Then, encourage your students to write an explanation text on the topic.

Podcasts for Kids - What if World

#7 What if World

Another fun story-telling podcast for kids!

Your host, Mr. Eric, takes ‘What if?’ questions posed by kids and spins them into fascinating fictional stories. What If World will stretch your kids’ imaginations, and give them hours of entertainment.

What if clouds were made of cotton candy?

Not only does What If World make for fun listening, but they also provide access to a generator which poses What if? questions to your kids! Why not try it out for a fun story-writing prompt?

Podcasts for Kids - Tumble

#8 Tumble

Tumble is a fantastic science-based child-friendly podcast for kids and their families.

Investigate scientific mysteries and discoveries and explore the world of experiments with scientists Lindsay and Marshall!

Check out their online store for relevant physical, life, earth and space science resources, as well as engineering activities to go with their episodes. Or check out the Teach Starter Science learning area for heaps of great resources!

Podcasts for Kids - Noodle Loaf

#9 Noodle Loaf

This is one crazy podcast – and we bet you can’t figure out what topic it is!

No, it’s not crazy cooking recipes! Noodle Loaf is an interactive music-themed podcast! Featuring episodes that help your students develop skills in pitch matching, creative movement, melodic improvisation, and close listening, this is a fun, relevant and timely music-themed podcast for the whole family.

Podcasts for Kids - KidNuz

#10 KidNuz

Lastly, we couldn’t have a list about learning through podcasts without a program designed to help kids learn the news.

This daily news podcast for kids features 5-minute episodes on today’s top news stories. From current events to sports, politics and entertainment, each episode of KidNuz aims to engage kids in news that will educate and inform with objective and kid-friendly language and themes. As they say, knowledge is power!

Happy listening, folks! We hope your kids enjoy learning through educational podcasts as much as we enjoyed researching them!

What are your favourite podcasts for kids? Comment below!


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