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10 Simple (but Amazing!) Ideas for Classroom Wall Displays

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It’s true, creating amazing classroom displays isn’t the highest item on a teacher’s priority list. The simple idea of having a “Pinterest-worthy” classroom is a source of contention for many working in education! However, there is a huge amount of value in spending some time creating displays to support visible learning in your classroom. Which should be the impetus behind any new classroom display idea. With that in mind, we know that many of you enjoy spending that bit of extra time creating amazing classroom displays, so we’ve got a list of 1o simple (but amazing!) techniques you can use!

Simple Classroom Display Ideas

There are four steps you need to take when creating a new classroom display:

  1. First, you need to figure out the purpose of your classroom display… Is it to support student learning in a specific unit? Or to display student work? Or to encourage positivity, self-regulation and growth mindset?
  2. Once you know WHY you’re creating the display, you can start to collect the resources and information you need to display.
  3. Lay it out on the floor to decide on the best layout and methods of display – this is where these 10 display ideas will come in handy!
  4. Then you’re ready to start creating your display!

These 10 classroom display ideas are techniques you can use for any topic or content.

#1 Small Pockets

Use small folders, envelopes or packets to make photocopies of information, checklists, writing prompts or task cards easily available to your students.

#2 File Folders with Prongs

These file folders are excellent for collecting and displaying student work!

#3 Pegs, Peglines and Clipboards

Another simple and affordable classroom display idea that has a great visual impact is to display information or student work using pegs or on a peg line.

Clipboards can be used as a means to visually separate some of the more important information in a display. For older students who have the fine-motor skills to manage it, you can also use clipboards to store checklists or photocopies that students need to access.

#4 Wrapping Paper

Use wrapping paper as a cheap and effective way to create a background for your display.

#5 Shoebox Dioramas

This is a really fun idea and one that you can get your students involved in. If it suits the purpose of your display, use shoeboxes attached with picture hanging strips to present information and ideas in 3D.

#6 Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be used in so many ways! Classroom displays with sticky notes can include ones where students write on the notes and stick them up (such as a fun brainstorming display activity!). Or they can be used to cover information, ideas or classroom rewards that are revealed by pulling the sticky notes off.

#7 Wool, String or Ribbon

Use wool, string or ribbon and thumbtacks to connect ideas in a classroom display. This is great for when you have a topic that is comprised of a few different elements or sections and is great for visual learners.

#8 Printable Borders

Printable classroom display borders aren’t just for looks! They help to group information and direct attention, so students can find what they need a little more easily.

#9 Student Photos or Avatars

Creating student ownership of the learning space is such an important part of a teacher’s job. Simple things like incorporating student photos or customised student avatars into classroom displays is a wonderful way of fostering this ownership.

#10 Picture Frames

Lightweight picture frames are another fantastic way to highlight important information, pictures and ideas. You can easily stick these up using picture hanging strips.



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