6 Cheap and Clever Classroom Organisation Hacks

Holly (Teach Starter)

Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Classroom Organisation Tips for Teachers

Are you looking for ways to manage the copious amount of paperwork that will most likely start hitting your desk within hours of starting the school year? Sometimes, we spend so much time planning and dealing with the day to day running of our classrooms, that simple ‘admin’ duties get pushed to the side to deal with ‘later’.

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By incorporating some simple strategies that become routine at the beginning of the school year, you’ll hopefully free up some time to get further down that never ending to-do list!

Awesome Binder Clip Labels

We all know the feeling. Your desk is clean at the beginning of the day, then during the craziness, that is a school day, your desk is suddenly covered in paperwork that then gets put into that every growing Mount Paper on your desk.

That’s where these printable binder clip label templates become surprisingly helpful.

FREE Printable Binder Clip Templates

Splendid Weekly Sorting Drawers

Planning tip: I used to plan my teaching week on a Thursday afternoon! I would always force myself to plan and organise any photocopying or finding any particular hands-on activities for the following week’s topics that afternoon. Once all the photocopying and sorting was done, I would then use a drawer set up like the photo below to sort it all. Not only did I feel somewhat organised, but if for some reason I was away, it was much easier to plan for the relief teacher.

To create the drawer set up below, use a set of five desk drawers (I purchased this one from Kmart). Then, use some washi tape to decorate each drawer (who doesn’t love a bit of washi tape?). Finally, you can use any of our customisable tray labels to create the days of the week.

Once downloaded, I printed these tray labels two to a page to get the correct size for the drawers.

Teacher Desk Organisation Hack

Handy Student Work Filing System

This idea is not one that I had come across when I was teaching! But I would absolutely use it if I was still in the classroom. Of course, the documents that you file in each of these manilla folders would not be of the confidential type. I would actually put my students work samples in there for the term. Making them easily accessible for meetings that you may have for that particular student. The front compartments of the dish drying rack could be used for pencils or name tags – whatever you may need handy on your desk during the day.

You could use our range of customisable name tags to label each folder (I used the 16 name tags to a page option).

Teacher Desk Organisation Hack

Extra Notes and Worksheet Holder

Believe it or not, this was a lifesaver for me! Such a simple idea but it was one of those ideas that I used every single year, without fail! A simple hanging clothes dryer purchased at my local cheap shop! I would hang spare’s of everything here, spare of notes home, worksheets, weekly homework etc. This was particularly useful for absent students. They knew to go here to find any notes or worksheets that they may have missed when they were away!

Superb Stationery Sorter

You can’t do an organisation hack without featuring the ever famous stationery drawers! These drawers and the different ways to decorate them have been all over social media! I purchsed these drawers from Bunnings and used washi tape (again, I may be addicted) to decorate each drawer.

Then, use our customisable desk name tags to label each drawer with whatever you want! This organisation hack prevents your drawers in your desk getting full of all of those bits and bobs that you seem to collect as a teacher.

Terrific Resource Storage Solution

Storing all of those amazing resources that you have spent hours and hours printing and laminating is always a big question we get asked! Of course, you can store them in coloured baskets, but sometimes, those amazing resources get forgotten about.

Using coat hangers and a tie hanger is just perfect! It’s another simple yet effective solution to ensure you get your use out of those teaching resources you have spent so much of your life creating!

Now… breath! It may take some time setting up some of these organisation hacks, but I promise it will relieve some of the disorganised haze teachers often find themselves in when they look down at their messy desk or work area!

“For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.” – Anonymous


Make your classroom buzz! Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum-aligned resources and digital learning tools. Get Started

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