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9 Opportunities for Incidental Reading at Home

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The pandemic has thrown a few curve balls towards teachers and parents, and it seems that, for some of us, home readers are one of the newest things to go. You know the ones – the levelled reading books full of high-frequency sight words which are vital for helping our children learn to read and enjoy books. With these teaching tools now taken away in the name of hygiene and germ-avoidance, we must find a way for children to continue their reading at home. That’s where incidental reading comes in to play.

What is Incidental Reading?

Incidental reading is reading undertaken throughout the course of our day-to-day routine. Different from intentionally sitting down and reading a book, it allows children the opportunity to practice their reading skills in real-life, meaningful ways. Incidental reading makes reading fun by placing it in a real-world context. Sometimes, kids don’t even realise they’re practising reading at all!

Incidental Reading complements the traditional reading of storybooks – while it cannot replace these, it allows for further development of comprehension and decoding skills at home.

Reading for Fun - Incidental Reading

Tatiana Bobkova/

9 Opportunities for Incidental Reading

So, how can we provide our kids with fresh, new reading opportunities week after week without breaking the bank or overflowing the bookshelves? Incorporate incidental reading throughout your day! These 9 ideas can be implemented in any home and are quick and easy to undertake.

#1 Chomp and Read

Kids love snacks! Every time you get something out of the fridge or pantry, why not ask your child to read the packaging?

Incidental Reading - Take a look through the pantry

You’ll be amazed at how many high-frequency words can be found on your every-day pantry items. What’s more, your kids will be able to sound out familiar brand names and food items and learn new food-related vocabulary.

#2 Catch Up on the News

While newspapers are becoming less frequent, we still get our daily local news on the driveway!

Incidental Reading - Catch Up On the News

George Rudy/

Pick up the paper and read through your local news with your child. If you don’t feel the news items appropriate, why not read through some of the advertisements for local and well-known businesses?

#3 Visit the Street Library

Street libraries are wonderful sources of pre-loved reading materials. If you’re venturing out of your house, take a drive or walk by your local street library. You never know when new, exciting books will have been placed inside!

Visit the Street Library


If you’re not lucky enough to have a street library nearby, why not start one yourself? All you need are a few pre-loved books, a trolley and an eye-catching sign.

#4 Help Out With Dinner

Meal planning or writing a grocery list? Why not get the kids involved?

9 Incidental Reading Opportunities for Learning at Home - Help out with dinner plans

Shopping catalogues and take-away menus are great ways to get your children sounding-out words as they choose their dinner. They also provide the added bonus of helping out with financial mathematics as well!

#5 Deconstruct an Instruction Manual

Here’s a brilliant way to practice some procedural text reading! Combine hands-on fun with reading with an instruction manual.

9 Incidental Reading Opportunities for Learning at Home - Deconstruct a Construction Manual

Throw in some ‘nonsense’ word sound-out practice with those quirky codes and your children will be reading (and constructing) in no time!

#6 Learn to Play a New Game

With lots more time spent at home, many families are adding fun new games to their collection! Why not buy a new game for the family. Ask your kids to explain the game instructions to the whole family.

9 Incidental Reading Opportunities for Learning at Home - Play a game

Antonio Batinic/

Share some quality time together, and practice reading to boot!

#7 Do a Neighbourly Book Swap

You may have some fun reading material right under your noses… if you’re sick of the same nightly story, see if your neighbours have any to swap! Read a story over the phone, or share some books with neighbourhood kids in need.

9 Incidental Reading Opportunities for Learning at Home - Do a neighbourly book swap

While not entirely incidental reading, sharing a story over the phone to a neighbour, or even doing a book drop at their front door can make a tonne of difference. Get your kids to read out the titles so their neighbour friends can choose a story!

# 8 Get a Magazine Subscription

Does your child LOVE animals? How about Ancient Egypt? Do you have any old magazines lying around home collecting dust?

9 Incidental Reading Opportunities for Learning at Home - get a magazine subscription

Bring back the magazine subscription service by finding a topic that your kid loves! You’ll receive a weekly or monthly update of reading material to keep your kids reading going.

# 9 Go For a Drive

Finally, if you are just itching to get out of the house, then practise your reading outside!

Street signs make great tools for fun, quick reading!

9 Incidental Reading Opportunities for Learning at Home - Go for a drive

Rob Bayer/

Why not make a game out of it? Who can find the longest street sign or the shortest?

You can make incidental reading an easy part of your daily routine!

What’s your favourite way to read with your kids?


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