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A School Teacher's Holiday Told in Memes

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If there’s one job that can be described as cyclical it’s teaching. The gentle hum of energy that begins each term grows into a buzz as the weeks roll on and then snowballs into a riotous, deadline-induced tintinnabulation as the holidays near. Yep. Tintinnabulation. Even without knowing exactly what it means, I’m sure you know what it means!

So, now that you’ve survived another term let’s celebrate holidays. And, what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a meme-ified account of what all teacher’s experience during this part of the teacher-life cycle.

1. You work even harder when the end is near…

Reports, extra meetings, deadlines, rehearsals, special events, extra whole-school assemblies, each pulling at your feet as you try to get over the line.

2. Only to find that the real grunt-work is about to begin…

Suddenly, you look around and realise that your classroom, which began as an orderly, aesthetically-pleasing space of clear thinking and learning, has morphed into the love-child of the stationery and seasonal sections of Kmart after 24 hour pre-Christmas trading.

3. You celebrate the kids finally leaving for holidays…

Dance! Go on, do it! We all do!

4. Only to crumble into a semi-conscious ball…

Because #allofthefeelings

5. Well-meaning parents, friends and family tell you this…

As if you needed a reminder of the kind of anti-plans you’ve been making all year.

6. But really, there’s so much more to do!

Try, as hard as you may, you will likely fall into a similarly frantic pattern of non-school related activities.

7. But first, you must take home your presents.

Did anyone say “re-gift”?

8. Soon enough thoughts about the next term begin to creep in…

Because passion doesn’t understand the concept of a holiday!

9. Thankfully, the days do start to roll into one.

During the holidays, it feels kind of good when you forget what day it is. As opposed to during the term when if you forget what day it is, you’ve likely forgotten something else important too!

10. The longer you teach, the less anonymity you truly have.

It’s especially fun when one of your students from ten years ago settles into that empty spot beside you at the beach.

11. You find that your brain is really, really hard to switch off!

As hard as it is, you really must try to take some time for you during the holidays!

[Check out our post “What All Teachers Need to do During the Holidays” for easy, fun and relaxing holiday treat ideas.]

12. And, suddenly, it’s time.

Time to go back to school.

Oh, that sweet, tumultuous journey a teacher takes four times a year!


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