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Our Most Popular Classroom Bingo Games!

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My Year 7 teacher, Mr Elms, used Bingo as a regular Friday afternoon reward. It was our favourite time of the week, and most kids in my class were engaged. There wasn’t a chance we were going to give up an opportunity to score a snake lolly! Little did we know just how educational those repetitive, but always fun, Friday afternoon bingo games were. In fact, they are the reason why I still know that 13 is a “Baker’s Dozen” and that 12 x 13 = 156, even though I left Mr Elms’ classroom a good, well, one and a bit baker’s dozens years ago!

Preparing a new bingo game to suit the topic or content takes time. So, we have almost 50 different Bingo games ready for you to download here on the Teach Starter website. The only prep left for you is to print, cut and laminate the classroom bingo games that you and your students love the best so you’ll have them for each Friday afternoon from now until forever!

Here are the ten most popular, most downloaded primary school bingo games in our teacher resources collection.

1. Pizza Fraction Bingo

Pull out a fraction card and have students put a marker over the corresponding pizza fraction if they have it on their card. Blank game cards are provided for you to add your own fractions in.

Pizza Fractions Bingo Game by Teach Starter

Download Pizza Fractions Bingo

2. Australian Currency Bingo

With this layout, your students can decide if they need three squares vertically or five squares horizontally to win.

Printable Australian Currency Bingo game by Teach Starter

Download Australian Currency Bingo or Australian Coins Bingo

3. 0-1000 Place Value Bingo

Blank game cards are provided in our Place Value Bingo downloads for you to add your own numbers!

Place Value Bingo Game Cards

Download 0 – 1000 Place Value Bingo

We also have Place Value Bingo available with numbers 0 – 10000, and 0 – 100000 as well as two-digit games featuring digits, MAB and pop sticks.

4. Contractions Bingo

There are 32 bingo cards in this Contractions Bingo set, including two blank cards so students can create their own!

Printable Contractions Bingo Game by Teach Starter

Download Contractions Bingo

5. CVC Words Bingo

Choose a picture card and either show it to your students or read out the word to them. Students use a counter to cover over the CVC word if they have it on their game card. There are two options provided in this download – picture cards with the CVC words written on them and picture cards with no words.

Downloadable CVC words bingo game by Teach Starter

Download CVC Words Bingo

6. 0-50 Numbers – Addition Bingo Game

In this classroom resource download, blank game cards are provided for you to add your own sums in.

Addition Classroom Maths Bingo Cards by Teach Starter

Download 0 – 50 Numbers Addition Bingo

7. 0-12 Times Tables – Multiplication Bingo

Use this set of 32 colourful bingo cards to practice times tables!

Multiplication Times Tables Bingo Cards

Download 0 – 12 Times Tables – Multiplication Bingo

8. Homophones Bingo

“My brother ate three ice creams and had a big tummy ache!”

Read out these sentences to your students while they identify the homophone and try to find it on their bingo mat.

Homophone Bingo Cards

Download Homophones Bingo

9. 2D Shape Bingo

Rhombus, trapezium, pentagon, circle – these shapes and more are waiting to be called in 2D Shape Bingo!

2D Shapes Bingo Cards by Teach Starter

Download 2D Shape Bingo

10. Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Bingo

These bingo cards combine digits, symbols and graphs to create a fun and challenging mathematics bingo game.

mathematics concept bingo game

Download Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Bingo

And that’s the Top Ten!

Whether you are reinforcing concepts in Mathematics or grammar, practising sight words or spelling, Bingo is a fantastic way to support student learning through play. Here are a few more favourites, tried and tested by some of our amazing members.

Time Bingo Cards @teacher.tess

Download Time Bingo Cards

Fractions Bingo Game @missfloydsclassroom

Download Angles Bingo Cards

Multiplication and Division Bingo Game @teach.create.dominate

Download Multiplication and Division Bingo Version 1
Download Multiplication and Division Bingo Version 2

Vowel Diagraph Bingo

Download Vowel Diagraph Bingo

p.s. We really do try to reduce your prep time as much as possible, though laminating is one symptom of ‘Teach Starter Bingo-itis’ that we can’t promise you’ll avoid!

Check out the full Teach Starter collection of primary school Bingo games and cards here!


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