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15 Handy Handwriting Hints and Resources

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With the invasionof technology in classrooms, the teaching of handwriting has taken a back seat in some classrooms. Don’t get me wrong, technology is fabulous and a massive part of education in schools in today’s society. However, it should not be at the expense of basic practical skills such as handwriting. This blog will outline some useful handwriting tips and resources that can be used both at home or in the classroom to improve and help children with handwriting. The Teach Starterhandwriting resources I mention in this blog are available in most fonts.

Pencil grip tips

Pencil grip is always a topic of debate. Does it really matter if a child doesn’t hold the pencil in the ‘correct’ tripod grasp? I am of the opinion that if it is effecting a child’sability to write, then something needs to be done! Here are some easy, accessible ways to help children to hold the pencil correctly.

Use a small crocodile clip. This encourages the ‘driver’ finger to sit on top and the thumb and index finger to rest oneach side of the clip.


Use something for the child to hold in the ring and littlefingers. This keeps these fingers from getting in the way of the working fingers. One idea is to have the childhold a clothes peg.

Peg pencil grip idea

Use the pinch and flip technique to encourage children to place their pointer and thumb fingers at the front.

Pinch and flip technique

Improve fine motor

Along with correct pencil grip, students need to develop theirfine motor abilities. This set of 18 pre-handwriting sheets are a perfect addition to your handwriting program in the early years. Laminate them and use a skinny whiteboard marker for daily practice.

Pre-handwriting Worksheets


Cut out and stick the ‘Spaceman’ finger spacing template to a paddle pop stick. A great resource to encourage children to remember to put spaces between their words when they are writing.

Spaceman finger spacing template

Head, body and tail letters

The cat used on lined paper is a great visual way to remind children where the letters siton the lined paper. It can be very confronting when faced with an empty page full of lines.Draw a cat on a paddle pop stick as an easy, accessible way to assist children when writing. Alternatively, you can use some of our handwriting lines that have the cat printed on each set of lines.

Paddle pop stick cat prompt


Handwriting lines with cat

Practice makes perfect

Use our handwriting worksheets to encourage children to practice their handwriting. Handwriting should be a daily task that is part of the classroom routine.

Need topic specific handwriting sheets? Want to create your own? Check out our ‘make your own’ handwriting worksheets.

Create your own handwriting sheets

Visual reminders

Having visual reminders of how to sit and hold your pencil, how letters should look and how to form the letters is always beneficial in the early years classroom. Here are some beautifully designed posters for your classroom:


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