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How do you keep those students engaged who continually finish set tasks before others in the class? Finding quality ways to keep them exploring and pushing their learning boundaries is one of the holy grails of teaching. I get it! After all of the weekly planning, and other jobs that arise each week as a teacher, thinking about what students are going to do when they call out – ‘I’m done!’ can just be another task on your ever-increasing to-do list. That’s why I have put together some of my favourite ways to incorporate a fast finisher activity routine in your classroom with these engaging and purposeful fast finisher activities.

The best thing about spending a bit of time setting up a classroom routine for when students finish their independent work (the best they can) is that it’s routine. Technically the students don’t need to bother you, which leaves you time to spend with students who may be struggling with the set task.

Meaning fewer hands up…

What to do with fast finishers in the classroom

Fast Finisher Activity Set Up Ideas

Make sure your students are fully aware of the routine or what to do when they finish a set task. Of course, they will need to be reminded to ensure they check their work before handing it in and ensuring they have done the best they possibly can before they move on to the early finisher rotation.

Fast Finisher Task Cards are the perfect mix of usability and set-up simplicity for your classroom, especially when they fit in the famous Rainbow Storage Set by Elizabeth Richards.

Set up these containers in an area that is easily accessible for your students to go and grab an activity.

You can even colour code them so that you can specify a subject area they need to pick from. What teacher doesn’t like colour coding??

Printable fast finisher task cards

Fast Finisher Activity Task Cards

The beauty of our range of Fast Finisher Task Cards is that they cover a range of learning areas and year levels.

Printable fast finisher task cards

Image of Fast Finisher Numeracy Task Cards - Year 4

teaching resource

Fast Finisher Numeracy Task Cards - Year 4

A set of 30 numeracy task cards.

Teach Starter Publishing8 pagesYear: 4
Image of Fast Finisher Numeracy Task Cards - Year 3

teaching resource

Fast Finisher Numeracy Task Cards - Year 3

A set of 30 numeracy task cards.

Teach Starter Publishing8 pagesYear: 3

Check out the full range of Fast Finisher Task Cards.

Create a Fast Finishers’ Folder

Creating a folder full of meaningful and purposeful activities for students to complete and stick in their workbooks is also another fantastic idea! At the beginning of each term, fill the folder with fast finisher goodness.

Simply copy a number of the same activity and place each in their own plastic pocket in the folder! Voila!

Fast finisher activity folder

Create your own folder with chosen activities or utilise our already put together folders:

Image of Fast Finisher Booklet - Middle Primary

teaching resource

Fast Finisher Booklet - Middle Primary

54 pages of different activities for use in a Fast Finisher Booklet.

Teach Starter Publishing54 pagesYears: 2 - 6
Image of Fast Finishers' Folder - Lower Primary

teaching resource

Fast Finishers' Folder - Lower Primary

Twenty-one activities for your fast finishers.

Teach Starter Publishing105 pagesYears: F - 2

Create an Enticing Fast Finisher Classroom Display

Your students will be begging you to get through their set work with a display like this in the classroom. You can create little pockets separating the topic of fast finisher activities.

With this set up you can either point your students in one particular direction or give them a choice. For example, before students begin an independent task you can let them know when they complete their set task they may pick from the ‘Read it’ or ‘Solve it’ activities from the early finisher pockets.

The beauty about this set up is you can create it so that it suits your class.

Fast finisher classroom display

To create this display I used the Colours of the Rainbow Letter Set and the Colours of the Rainbow Word Wall templates. I also used some bright eye-catching pocket folders to easily store the activities.

Here are a collection of task cards or activities that you could use in these pockets. Really the world is your oyster with what you put in these pockets…

Image of Fast Finisher Task Cards

teaching resource

Fast Finisher Task Cards

Twenty-one fast finisher activities.

Teach Starter Publishing6 pagesYears: 1 - 7Customisable
Image of Hundreds Board Mystery Picture Addition Task Cards

teaching resource

Hundreds Board Mystery Picture Addition Task Cards

A set of 32 activity task cards that require students to complete addition problems and colour in a hundreds chart to reveal a mystery picture.

Teach Starter Publishing22 pagesYears: 1 - 6
Image of Literature Task Cards

teaching resource

Literature Task Cards

A set of 30 literature tasks to assist your students with examining and responding to literature.

Teach Starter Publishing15 pagesYears: 2 - 6
Image of Spelling Task Cards

teaching resource

Spelling Task Cards

A set of 57 spelling task cards.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: 1 - 4

Image of Word Wall Task Cards

teaching resource

Word Wall Task Cards

30 activity task cards for use with a vocabulary word wall.

Teach Starter Publishing12 pagesYears: 1 - 3
Image of Money Task Cards - British Currency

teaching resource

Money Task Cards - British Currency

A set of 12 task cards relating to simple financial transactions.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: 2 - 4

Make it Fun (But Still Purposeful)

Such a simple idea, but a slight change and mix up can really get your students excited to learn more! Write some simple fast finisher activities on ping pong balls and put them in a container at the front of the classroom. Students pick a ball and complete that fast finisher activity.

You can also write the activities on large pop sticks too!

Fast finisher activity ideas

Do Some Teach Starter Stalking

We have such a range of activities that could easily be used for which every fast finisher set up you decide to go with. All you have to do is search ‘printable task cards‘ and you’ll be shown a collection of 179 different sets of task cards that could be easily used for early finisher activities.

Our Bloom’s Taxonomy Fast Finisher Task Cards – Lower Years are just one of these downloads and include a collection of activities that cover the following Bloom’s Taxonomy learning objectives:

  • remembering
  • understanding
  • applying
  • analysing
  • creating
  • evaluation.

The perfect collection of activities to use for those early finishers in your classroom!

Spending a bit of time setting up a fast finisher routine is sure to help you in the day to day running of your classroom! Go on… give it a go!

We’d love to hear from you! What do you do with your early finishers in your classroom?

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