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Teachers Share Their Best Bunnings Buys

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Honestly, who doesn’t love a weekend trip to Bunnings? A leisurely stroll around a massive hardware warehouse, cool concrete underfoot, coffee in one hand, and a red basket in the other… it’s blissful.

Teachers are loving Bunnings, using their creative superpowers to transform everyday household items into inspiring teaching tools!

Bunnings PVC Pipe Whisper Phones

Instagram: @learnlovegrow

Whisper phones are made from PVC pipe, PVC elbows and some coloured contact paper, which are all available at Bunnings. These can be used to help your students learn about sounds, and would be a great way to get students using your classroom sound wall.

Bunnings Paint Cards to Teach Sounds

Bunnings Teachers sound cards

Instagram: @incursiveshewrote

Nikki, a Prep teacher, uses Bunnings paint colour cards for lots of activities, including teaching letter sounds and name writing! Take a look at her Instagram for more inspo!

Creek Pebble Sound Manipulatives

Bunnings Teachers Sound Stones

Instagram: @includ.ed

Another gorgeous letter-sound/word-building activity has been created here by special education teacher Emily, using these simple Bunnings stones!

Bunnings Timber Offcut Artwork

Facebook: Tess Leanne

A length of timber and some sharpies. Super cheap, easy and cute!

Bunnings-Themed Play Zone

Mini Bunnings Teachers

Facebook: Courtney Cashen

Teacher Courtney was setting up a work unit about Bunnings, and approached the retailer to source some great things for her play area, including price tags, open hours sign, bunting and more! She says:

I wrote a letter detailing our unit and what we were planning to do and asked if they had any old (or new) promo stuff they would be happy to donate. Bunnings were wonderfully generous and supportive!

Hands-On Fine Motor Activity

Bunnings Teachers

Facebook: Jenna Jc

Ideal for tactile learners, or for finessing fine motor skills, these simple challenges are super fun for young students.

Bunnings Teacher Mailbox

Bunnings Teachers Letterbox

Instagram: @teaching_with_bec

I love the letter box one! I used my Cricut to put teacher mail on the side! – Bec

More Ideas Shared by Teachers:

These amazing ideas were shared on the Facebook group Bunnings Teacher Hacks:

Door stopper animals for sensory weights, PVC pipes for making tents, water tables etc….. funnels tied with rope hanging in the sand pit. – Sharon

Mini drawer storage, so many uses in the classroom. Stationery storage, brag tags, desk pet hotels… the list is long. -Karen

I’ve just bought a Ryobi staple gun. It’s brilliant and the staples are cheap. – Michelle.

I love my doorbell that plays “Under the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid”. The kids respond so well to it.- Marjorie

The netting you can buy by the metre. I would hang it across the ceiling and down walls. You can then hang soo many things from it! – Cherie

The rectangle mop buckets. Take the handles off and they make fantastic, durable book boxes that hold scrapbook size books. – Katrina

So tell us, teachers: What’s your favourite Bunnings find?

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