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The Ultimate Guide to Wet Weather Lunches (for Teachers)

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Updated | 5 min read

Wet weather lunches… students cheer and teachers let out an almighty groan! But, it doesn’t have to feel like a zoo enclosure with monkeys swinging from chair to chair. There are a number of wet lunchtime activities you can set up that will ensure your classroom doesn’t turn all topsy-turvy. What’s more, there’s a few tips and tricks that you need to know in order to stay sane during the wet weather chaos!

Most importantly, make sure you provide your students with options and choices. So, set up four to five different activity stations. This blog will outline a few different activity ideas and printable resources to get you on the right track. Why not set up a Wet Lunch Activity Box with all of the activities in there ready to go?

Wet Lunchtime Activities and Ideas for Teachers

There are a number of activities and printable resources that are ideal for wet weather playtimes. We have picked activities that are low on teacher input and low on noise. All you need to do is set them up and let your students go! Don’t forget, you will have some students that are happy to chill on a beanbag and read – so, include this as an option.

Also, depending on the age of your students and the time you have – it may be easier to arrange them into small groups and rotate them through the activities – this all depends on what is going to work best for you and your students.

(1) Set up a Colouring Corner

There will always be a group of students that will be suitably happy to just sit and draw. Some scrap paper and pens are often enough for some students, but, you may also like to provide some colouring sheets.

Our printable mindfulness colouring for kids collection is gorgeous and some of the more intricate sheets will have students busy for the whole of wet lunch.

Colouring in for wet lunchtime activities

(2) Origami for the Win!

Some students love to create origami and we have a collection of origami step-by-step instruction pages for kids that you can print and have on hand for wet weather lunches. They even have little videos included in them for an extra visual.

Origami Challenge

Want something that will last a little longer? Give your students a challenge and get them to attempt the Infinity Origami cube.


(3) Mystery Hundreds Boards

While you want to give your students a break from learning – some kids absolutely love to keep their brains busy. That’s where our Hundreds Board Mystery Task Cards come in handy.

Hundreds Board Mystery Picture Task Cards

We have a collection of these that suit a variety of ability levels.

(4) Construction Station

I always had a box of Lego or similar construction material for those students who just loved to build. This is a super simple activity to bring out during wet play lunches and you’ll often find the same students will gravitate to this activity.

Lego Challenge

Why not provide your students with our Block Beasties – Task Cards. A set of 36 block figure task cards separated into three levels. The kids in your class will love to construct and explore these animal block figures.

(5) How to Draw Videos

If you are looking for something quick and easy that will entertain the whole class for a shorter play time period. Why not use our How to Draw for Kids Resources. Each of these How to Draw Cards is also available in a step-by-step video that is available on the Teach Starter YouTube Channel.


(6) Good Old Board Games

I always had a collection of easy board games that the students could pull out and play with some of their friends. I would select one or two of these and have them out ready to go. Easy games like Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders were always popular ones as most kids already knew how to play.

(7) Roll to Create Fun

Our printable Roll to Create activities are another printable resource that you can have ready to go. The beauty of using this collection of resources is that you can print them on thick card and use them time and time again – all you’ll need to organise is some scrap paper for your students to draw their masterpieces on.

Roll to Create activities for wet lunchtime activities for teachers

(8) Word Searches

Some students love a good challenge, we have a selection of word searches and even some number searches that some students may enjoy doing.

Why not create your own word searches for rainy days using our word search widget.

Word search fun for wet lunchtime activities

(9) Sorting and Organising Time

Now, this sounds a little strange – but, it was something that always happened to me when I was teaching. There was always a group of students that just LOVED to clean, tidy and organise. Why not use this time to get some organisation back in your classroom. We always start the year with a perfectly organised and clean classroom. But, this quickly changes!

Things like sorting the classroom bookshelf, organising pencils and crayons into their correct spots, sorting maths manipulatives, etc. Why not use the enthusiasm of these students to your advantage and get organising.

 (10) Pop On Some Music 

Finally, why not pop on some nice background music. There is no denying that everything is better with music. Sometimes, during wet lunch play, it can get a little rowdy. I always found that by putting some calming classical music on, students seemed to settle into their chosen activity for the duration of the playtime.

When all is said and done – it’s important for some students to let out a little of their energy – especially if they have been stuck inside all day. Try and get the whole class involved in some active dancing – pop on some music from GoNoodle and let them shake their sillies out!

We’d love to hear from you… what do you find works during rainy days in your classroom?
Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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