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3-Digit Place Value Abacus Cards

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 5 pages | Years: 2

A set of abacus cards for students to show the place value of hundreds, tens and ones.

Use this teaching resource in the numeracy classroom when exploring 3-digit place value.

Print cut and laminate a class set of abacus cards, abacus beads and 3-digit number cards.

Students pick a number card, say the number then representing it with the cut-out beads, counters or blocks on their abacus cards. Alternatively, provide students with three dice to roll and determine the number.

As an extension, after making the number on the abacus, encourage the students to represent each number in word form, number form and expanded form in their workbooks. For a challenge, time how many numbers the students can make in a minute!


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