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BUMP! Blending 'l' - Board Game

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 5 pages | Years: 1 - 2

A board game to practise decoding words with an l-blend.

Use this fun board game as a way for students to practise decoding words that involve blending ‘l’.

Students will make their way around the Bump! game board reading words that require them to blend ‘l’. This game can be played using the dot cards included with the download or simply using a dice – the choice is up to you!

Blending and Segmenting

This game is a fabulous resource to reinforce the skill of blending phonemes!

Blending and segmenting sounds is a specific skill that needs to be learned and practised. In order to blend and segment successfully, students first need lots of phonological awareness practice. The incorporation of visuals (e.g. boxes or dots) or movement to represent the segmentation of phonemes within a word are all helpful strategies.

If using this game as an English group activity without supervision, students will need to monitor each others’ answers carefully, making sure the sounds are blended properly.

This resource was created by Lauren Piper, a Teach Starter Collaborator.


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