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Compound Words – Match-Up Activity

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 10 pages | Years: 2 - 4

Build your students knowledge of compound words with this hands-on matching activity.

What are compound words?

A compound word is made from two or more different words. When combined, these words make a brand new word with a different meaning. 

Some examples of compound words include:

star + fish = starfish

rain + bow = rainbow

butter + fly = butterfly

In this activity, students will explore and build these kinds of words by matching each word part to the newly formed compound word. 

How to play

  1. Player 1 flips over a long card and a short card. If the cards match, the player keeps the cards and
    takes another turn. If the cards do not match, the cards are turned back over, and it is the next
    player’s turn.
  2. Play continues until there are no more cards in the playing area.
  3. The player with the most matches wins!

Need to extend your more capable students?

Why not encourage fast finishers to place the completed words in alphabetical order, or write a sentence containing each compound word? Alternatively, try using some of our other great compound words resources!

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This resource was created by Lindsey Phillips, a Teach Starter Collaborator. 


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