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Disappearing Snowman (Hangman Alternative)

Teach Starter Publishing
PowerPoint | 13 pages | Years: 1 - 6

An interactive word guessing game.

Use this hangman alternative with your class as a fun warm-up or engaging way to end a lesson.

Guess the Words

Have you been looking for an interactive, animated and engaging alternative to hangman? Well have no fear, the Disappearing Snowman is here! (Well, here before it disappears. 😅)

The Disappearing Snowman game is an Interactive PowerPoint that functions just like the familiar word guessing game we all know.

  • Students guess one letter at a time by clicking a letter tile.
    • If the letter is in the word it will automatically appear on one of the letter lines.
    • If the letter is not in the word they will have to click the Eraser button to make part of the snowman disappear.
  • If they guess the whole word with part of the snowman still on the screen then they win!

The wintery words included in the PowerPoint are:

  • cold
  • sled
  • frost
  • skiing
  • icicle
  • winter
  • mittens
  • freezing
  • blizzard
  • snowflake.

Play with Your Own Words!

The editable version of Disappearing Snowman (available via the drop-down menu) allows you to add your own words to the game.

Simply spell the word by dragging the letter tiles onto the slide. Delete any of the additional letter lines and cover the answer with the Answer Cover (this is just so your students don’t accidentally see the word before you are ready to play).

Then start up the presentation in ‘Slide Show’ mode and play the game!

You could add spelling words for the week, new vocabulary/terms that your class is learning, your students’ names, there are so many possibilities!


Quick! Click the download button before the snowman disappears!


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