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Making Sentences – Cut and Paste Worksheets

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 10 pages | Years: F - R

A set of 10 cut and paste worksheets for making short sentences.

Sentences are key units for expressing ideas. Young readers need to understand that word order in sentences is important for meaning. They must learn that directionality is fundamental and that sentences are read from left to right. They must also recognise the building blocks needed to create a sentence, such as capital letters, words and end punctuation. This is a lot for our little learners to take in!

This set of cut and paste worksheets has been designed to introduce your students to these key early concepts about print.

How to use this resource

Each worksheet focuses on a simple sentence. These sentences include common CVC words. Students are required to :

  • Trace over the sentence.
  • Cut out the words that make up the sentence from the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Glue the words in the boxes provided, in the correct order, to create the sentence.
  • Write the sentence independently on the font lines provided.
  • Colour in a picture related to the sentence.

Four key fine motor skills addressed in one simple worksheet!

In addition to developing your little learners’ concepts of print, this resource also provides students with the opportunity to develop and refine a number of fundamental fine motor skills. These include:

  • cutting
  • gluing
  • handwriting
  • colouring.

Differentiate according to your students’ level of development

The beauty of this worksheet is that one size certainly does not need to fit all!

Do you have students in your class who aren’t ready to write full sentences without a guide? No problem! These students are still learning about sentences by cutting and pasting the words in the correct order. Simply leave out the ‘Write’ activity.

Do you have students who can do it all? As an extension, ask these students to write their own sentences about the picture on the worksheet.


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