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Maths Mazes (Two-digit Addition)

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PDF | 6 pages | Years: 2 - 4

A set of three mazes that require students to add two-digit numbers.

These engaging addition mazes are the perfect addition to your maths groups rotations or an educational fast finisher task.

Maths Groups Activity

Each educational maze will be a great independent task for your maths rotations. It is important for students to practise addition skills regularly to help develop their mental strategies for computation.

Students need to follow the rules of the maze:

  1. Moving through a square with coins adds the amount to your total.
  2. You cannot move through a square more than once with the same colour.
  3. You cannot move diagonally.

Two-digit Addition

Students must draw four paths through the maze. The first three paths require the students to collect a specific number of coins. They must use their mental addition skills to add the numbers as they navigate the maze. The final path is an open-ended task with students finding a way through the maze which collects the maximum amount of coins possible.

Encourage students to use the split or compensation strategy when adding the values they collect in the maze.

Extension Tasks

There are many to extend students when using these mazes in the classroom. Here are some suggestions:

  • Have students write multi-step word problems for the paths that they take to beat the maze.
  • Task students with finding the minimum number of coins that you can leave the maze with.
  • Have students come up with alternate numbers for additional paths through the maze.


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