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Phoneme Spotter Story – Long 'u' Sound

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 2 pages | Years: 1 - 2

A decodable text featuring various graphemes that make the long 'u' sound.

One fundamental aspect of phonemic awareness is understanding that multiple graphemes can be used to represent a single phoneme. In order to do this, students must first become familiar with the sound that a particular phoneme makes. Time to read aloud to explore the long ‘u’ sound!

Exploring the long ‘u’ sound

This phoneme spotter story, The Stew, explores some of the graphemes that make the long ‘u’ vowel sound. These include the split digraph ‘u_e’, the digraph ‘ue’, the digraph ‘ew’, and the digraph ‘oo’. (Note: The long ‘u’ makes two sounds – ‘yoo’ and ‘oo’.)

How to use this resource

Individual or small group activity
Provide the students with a copy of the text. Have them read the story aloud. Each time they hear the long ‘u’ sound, ask the students to highlight or colour the word that includes this sound.

Whole-class activity
Project the text onto your whiteboard. Read the text aloud to the students. Each time they hear the long ‘u’ sound, have the students indicate this in some way, e.g. put their hands on their head, stand up, clap their hands. Afterwards, discuss the various graphemes that made the long ‘u’ sound within the text.

Looking for additional resources to teach the long ‘u’ sound?

Use this active PowerPoint game to consolidate your students understanding of the long and short ‘u’ sound in common words.

Image of Move It! - Long and Short Vowel 'u' PowerPoint Game

teaching resource

Move It! - Long and Short Vowel 'u' PowerPoint Game

An active PowerPoint game to practise reading and identifying long and short vowel ‘u’ words.

Teach Starter Publishing21 pagesYears: 1 - 2


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