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Piggy Bank Activity Mat

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PDF | 1 page | Years: F - 3

An activity mat to practise counting and representing money.

Use this activity mat to practise counting and representing money.

Print the activity mat on cardstock and place it inside a ‘write and wipe’ sleeve. Then have students use a whiteboard marker and wipe clean when complete.

Ways to use this resource: 

  • Using play money, students grab a small handful of coins and place them on their piggy bank. They must then determine the amount and write it on the line using a pound sign or a pence sign and a decimal point. This can be done using the same coin type or a combination of coin types.
  • Using play money, students place a coin in their piggy bank. They then identify the coin and write the name on the line.
  • Give students a value to write on the line at the bottom of their mat. They then use play money to show the amount.

This resource works well when used in a learning centre or during maths groups.

Looking for individual paper coins for students to use with this resource? Click on the link below!

Image of British Coin Sheets

teaching resource

British Coin Sheets

Use these sheets of British coins with a wide variety of money games and activities.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: 1 - 7


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