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What's My Colour? - Matchup Activity

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 10 pages | Years: F - 1

A set of 20 animal and colour matchup cards to use in a variety of ways.

Use this resource in the primary classroom when learning and reinforcing colours.

Print the cards on card and cut them out. Then, use them in a variety of ways, including:

  • as a reading center activity – students match the animal with its correct colour, e.g. flamingo and pink.
  • as a back-to-school icebreaker activity – give half of the students a colour card and the other half of the students a matching animal card. Have students walk around and look for their match. Then, have them introduce their partner to the class. This is also a great pre-assessment at the beginning of the year to see who knows their colours.
  • as a random partner generator – give half of the students a colour card and the other half a matching animal card. When they find their match, they have their partner.
  • as a memory game – using a small number of cards, lay them facedown in a grid. Students turn over two cards. If they match (colour and animal) they keep the cards. If not, they flip them back over. This can be played individually, with a partner or small group, or as a whole class.


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