Australian Curriculum Categories


Analyse composers’ use of the elements of music and stylistic features when listening to and interpreting music


  • identifying elements of music aurally and then discussing how these elements, composition techniques and devices are used and manipulated to create a style (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability)
  • identifying and describing the features and performance practices that help determine a specific musical style or culture (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding)
  • Considering viewpoints - evaluations: For example - How effectively did the musicians use expressive techniques in their performance? What are the strengths of this performance or composition? (Skills: Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • following scores while listening to musical works and using these as a tool for interpreting music (Skills: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • accessing and researching music through real or virtual performances to analyse performers’ interpretations of composers’ intentions (Skills: Literacy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability)

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