Report Card Writing Teaching Resources

Our range of teacher-facing resources to support report card writing has been compiled by our team of experienced teachers. We know the challenges and time involved in reporting on student progress and we're here to make this process more streamlined. Here we have Report Card Comment Generators, lists of helpful words to use when writing, example comment banks, written feedback for students, and more.

When Are The Reporting Periods In Australia?

Generally, teachers provide verbal reporting to parents in Terms 1 and 3, and supply written reports in Terms 2 and 4. This may vary by state, system, and school.

Curriculum Alignment in Reporting

Our teacher-facing reporting resources are developed with consideration to the Australian National Curriculum Achievement Standards (v8.4) and are updated regularly to ensure relevance. For more information on writing report cards, please visit our blog, Report Card Comments Using The Achievement Standards.
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