A Fun Comprehension Board Game for the Classroom

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  • dawnf135

    Looks great! Is the board A4 or A3? I'm a supply teacher and this would be great for my box of tricks! However I only have an A4 laminator

  • Cassandra Van Schagen

    I LOVE this board game but it would be fantastic if their was a version where the answers, which are currently on the same side as the topic and gorgeous worm graphic, were moved to the back where the questions are so that a team mate could read the question to the player and the player guessing would not see the answer. Just a thought as then my lower readers and EAL readers could have a friend read them the question and they could still be able to answer the questions. Or this game could then also use reading strategies but become more of a listening game aswell.

    • Holly (Teach Starter)

      Hi Cassandra, We are so glad that you like this board game! Thanks for your suggestion. There are a couple of things you could do to get around this to make the game more suited to your class. If you are going to use the cards for upper groups as well. Perhaps you could encourage the students that are going to help read the cards to the lower groups, to cover the back of the card as they read it? Alternatively, in the step where I have cut each card out, you could skip the folding part and just laminate the cards as is? That way the question and answer are both on the same side? I hope these ideas work better for your class. Kind regards, Holly

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