How to Manage Parent Helpers in the Classroom

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  • Kate Davis

    I have found this article very helpful. Thank you!

    • Paul (Teach Starter)

      You're most welcome, Kate!

  • Ann F.

    Yes!! We do interactive groups once a month. We have 6 different groups with 6 activitites (2 in English, 2 about Maths and other 2 in Catalan or Spanish). Parents would sit in the same table and students rotate every 10 minutes. We can revise vocabulary and structures about the topic we are dealing with. We work on projects (no books). Kids enjoy a lot when parents come to school. Now we are going to add Reading (as you do) and library helpers. It is a very inspiring article and I am so glad that other schools have parents at school too. Thanks a lot! I hope others start inviting parents inside the class.

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