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Pre and Post Tests | Are they Beneficial in the Classroom?

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Often when the word ‘test’ is mentioned to anyone these days, our brains automatically go to NAPLAN and no doubt, as teachers, our hands become sweaty and we may start to panic, just a little. But, pre and post tests are an effective tool that can be used in the classroom to help teachers monitor and measure the learning of their students. They are beneficial to the students and the teacher.

Printable Pre and Post Tests for Maths

What are Pre and Post Tests?

Pre and post tests are designed to measure your students’ growth in knowledge of a particular topic. Our Maths Pre and Post tests, for example, cover every strand within the Australian curriculum. Pre and posts tests not only assist in measuring how your students have improved, but they can also be a valuable diagnostic tool for more effective teaching as well!

So, what would this look like in the classroom?

If, for example, you are a Year 1 teacher and your term planner has you covering number, place value and chance. You would head to the Chance Pre and Post Tests – Year 1 and Number and Place Value Pre and Post Tests – Year 1 and have your students complete the (A) version of the topics you will be covering. When I administered these tests in the classroom, I would always make my students aware that the first test is to work our what they already know.

As long as they have a go I wasn’t worried about the results of this test. For students that struggled with these sorts of environments, I would organise a Teacher Aide to sit with them in a small group out of the classroom to ascertain what they know through questions and hands-on activities.

This initial testing will assist you in understanding the students’ weaknesses and the students who may need an extra challenge when these topics are covered in class. Once you have explicitly taught these topics. The students then complete the (B) version of these tests to identify growth.

Pre and Post Tests - Maths

What are the Benefits of Pre and Post Tests?

As outlined in our blog, 6 Reasons Why Testing is Beneficial the main benefits of pre and post tests include:

  • Helps identify pre-existing knowledge.
  • The data can assist teachers when establishing same ability groups for small group work.
  • Can help guide lesson content and delivery.
  • Helps with the ever increasing pressure to collect data on the learning journey of your students.
  • Assists when providing feedback to students and their parents.
  • Helps with goal setting in the classroom.

Check out our collection of Australian Curriculum Aligned Pre and Post Tests.

Collecting the Data from Pre and Post Tests

So you have printed out our pre and posts tests, your students have completed the (A) test for Number Patterns… now what?

It is important that you record the scores that your students achieve. The whole point of the pre and post test is not only to guide the lesson content and delivery but also to track your students’ progression and hopefully their growth!

Pre and Post Tests - Maths

Utilising one of our editable class lists as a data tracker to be kept with all of the pre and post tets is a good place to start.

Printable Pre and Post Tests

Check out our full collection of pre and post tests for all year levels covering every code in the Australian curriculum.

Pre and Post Maths Tests


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  • Kele Alt

    How does one ACCESS these 250 pages? :) Thank You, Kele

    • Kristian

      Hi Kele, All you have to do is click the above banner to be taken to the pre and post test collection. These tests are available when you purchase one of our plans. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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