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Art Activities for Kids | Teaching Resource Packs!

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Are you struggling to find quality visual art activities for kids?

We hear you! For this reason, we have created a new and outstanding  Visual Arts Elements Collection of teaching resources for lower, middle and upper years! Read on to find out about our new teaching resource packs that will bring the fun back into teaching art.

Visual Arts Elements

So what’s all the hype about?

Our collection of beautifully designed visual arts elements teaching resources include teaching presentations and engaging art activities for kids. These must-have teaching resources relate to form, colour, line, shape, texture, value and space. They also include a set of Visual Art Elements Activity Task Cards and a poster pack to display in your primary classroom.

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You can use the teaching presentations to introduce each visual art element and the brilliant activities that are connected to them.


Masked in Mystery Activity

Because there are too many amazing art activities to showcase them all, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites for upper year students.

Let’s take a look at Masked in Mystery Activity. This engaging activity, that explores shape through the creation of a mask. Share this video with your class to introduce the task and inspire creativity!


As you can see, students make a mask, taking into consideration the shapes they choose for the eyes, mouth and other features. Finally, the students experiment with various cutting and folding techniques to decorate the mask.

Talkin’ Texture Game

Next up, we have an arts elements game!  Talkin’ Texture Game is a fun game to play when learning about texture.

A brilliant art activity for kids that explores texture.

This is a guessing game in which students guess the descriptive texture word on their headband. They are given clues about objects or surfaces that could be described this way.

We all know that kids love games. So, head to our games collection to find new ways to teach through play, in any learning area.

Designing for Depth Drawing Templates

How do you teach students to create a sense of depth in their artwork?

Your students will love our new, fun art activity for kids – Designing for Depth Drawing Templates. Above all, this hands-on art activity makes teaching how to create depth in two-dimensional work easy.

Learn how to create depth in space with this cool art activity for kids.

During this task, students experiment with techniques that use size, overlapping, placement and atmospheric perspective (whoa big words).

To make life even easier, this teaching resource includes directions on how to do it. Plus, templates of faces to copy (optional).

Art Resource Packs for Every Year Level

Did I mention that we have created Visual Arts Elements Resource Packs for lower, middle and upper years?

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And just in case you need reminding, each resource packs includes:

Head to the visual arts learning area on the Teach Starter website to find Visual Arts Elements Resource Pack for Lower YearsMiddle Years and Upper Years.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

Pablo Picasso

By creating these art activities for kids, we hope to have taken the hard out of teaching art. We also hope that you and your students love the creative experience!

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