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Build a Snowman | Funky Christmas Craft Idea

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Do you want to build a snowman? The cutest Christmas craft going around is our newest member to the Funky Craft Collection.

Your climate might not necessarily be cold enough to build a ‘real’ snowman. Why not do something a little bit different for Christmas craft in your classroom and talk about why the snowman is a symbol of Christmas for others around the world?

Then, have fun with this cute template…

Funky Snowman Craft

First, let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out some of our other funky craft crazes…

Funky Easter Bunny Craft

First, there was this cute little Funky Easter Bunny Craft Template, this template definitely kicked off the craze being downloaded over 66, 000 times!!

Funky Snowman Craft

Funky Reindeer Craft

Of course, we had to follow up the funky bunny with a Funky Reindeer as Christmas approached. This has to be one of my favourite Christmas craft ideas.

Have you done the Funky Reindeer Craft with your class yet?

Funky Snowman Craft

Funky Dog Craft

For those who didn’t celebrate either of these events, we also created the Funky Dog.

How funky is this dog?

Funky Snowman Craft

Without Further Ado, Introducing the Funky Snowman

The best thing about these templates is you can really let your students unleash their creativity.

Here are just a few ways that this simple template can be transformed into a cute art piece for your students to take home.

The most common way to decorate the funky craft templates is to create a variety of different patterns in each of the sections using a black marker. This is a great opportunity to explore line and patterns with your students.

We then printed the accessories on bright coloured paper to add that extra bit of pop to the funky snowman

Funky Snowman Craft

Another way to decorate the snowman is to use tally marks in each of the sections but going in different directions.

It creates this awesome effect especially when you cut out the template and stick it on a bright background!

Funky Snowman Craft

As they say, the options are endless…

This cute guy was created using coloured pencils, some pompoms for his buttons and a silver marker to create some snow on the background!

Funky Snowman Craft

There you have it… a cute snowman activity to finish off your Christmas craft planning in your classroom.

We’d love to see your students’ work.

Tag us (@teachstarter) in your photos for your chance to have your photos shared by us!


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