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It's a Classroom Games Bonanza!

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Hands up if you love a good classroom game? Okay, you can all put your hands down now! We know that great classroom games are such an important part of every teacher’s repertoire.  Educational games can be exactly what you need to help a kinesthetic learner really cement that concept they have been struggling with. Active games make great whole class warm-ups, can help students get out all that extra energy after lunch breaks and make wonderful brain breaks.

New Educational Games Ready to Download Now!

These reasons are exactly why we are having a Teach Starter Games Bonanza! During the Commonwealth Games, everyone here in the office is getting into the spirit of play with the aim of creating a host of awesome new classroom games. In this post, you can see some of the fun, new resources that have already been completed and are ready for you to download, as well as get a little sneak peek of a few more that are still in the works!

Using the current list of Teach Starter Resource Requests for inspiration, the teaching team have been busy making some wonderful new teaching resources for you! Check out these, all of which are available for you to download right now.

Awesome New Numeracy Games

Tangram Treats

printable tangram activities

This awesome new resource requires students to use geometric cut out shapes to create a picture. The printable tangrams resource download includes the cut out shapes, as well as three levels of tangram task cards!

printable tangram activity task cards

Moving Mathematics – Skip Counting by Twos

designer creating moving mathematics activity

How often do you get your students up and moving to teach them mathematics!? This fun skip counting by twos game provides instructions, a poster with graphics explaining how to play as well as a skip counting by twos number line!

Skip Counting by Twos Moving Mathematics Game

Roll It Operations Game

Use this fun Roll It Operations Game to consolidate your students’ knowledge of operations. Students roll two dice. They add, subtract, multiply and divide the two numbers shown on the dice (if they can).

If any of the answers appear in the grid, they cover them with a counter. The first person to get to four answers in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins!

roll it operations printable numeracy game

Fresh and Exciting Literacy Games

Rhyming Word Snap Cards

printable rhyming snap cards

A wonderful new lower years game, these Rhyming Word Snap Cards are a fun way for students to practise recognising word families!

Digraph Roll Games

printable digraph roll games

This set of Digraph Roll Games is a fantastically fun way to help students reinforce their knowledge of different graphemes.

  • Students play this game with a partner. Each student chooses a colour (counters or markers).
  • They roll the dice and find a word that contains the digraph shown on the dice on the matching game board. Then they colour or cover that circle on the game board.
  • To win, they must be the first player to colour or cover a line of circles (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

Get Techy!

Classmate Coding Game

printable coding game that needs no technology

What would your students’ responses to these questions be?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to control your classmates? Tell them where to go, what to do and how to do it?These fun activities will let you program your classmates like robots by using block coding!

This is an amazing new coding teaching resource that allows your students to learn about coding without needing access to technology. The resource also contains instructions on how to use the cards in four stages increasing in difficulty. This makes it easy to adapt to the level your students are at, as well as increase the level of challenge without needing to create new cards!

Wonderful Warm Ups!

The Bean Game

the bean game prompt cards

Hold onto your hats, people. Here is one whole class warm-up/Friday afternoon filler/”Miss, can we pleeeease play it now?” game you are going to want to download straight away!

Introducing, The Bean Game!

With adorable ‘bean movement’ prompt posters, teach your students how to “be” each of the beans for this super fun active game.

the bean game - whole class warm up game

And, so much more to come…

There are still more resources in the works, as well as another week of our whole team focusing on the creation of amazing, fun, educational classroom games and resources. Can you guess from the photos below some of what’s soon to be uploaded on the website?

Is there another classroom game you’d love to see in the Teach Starter collection?

Tell us in the comments below!



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