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Free Online Digital Timers for the Classroom

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Are you looking for free online digital timers for your classroom? Look no further! We have created a variety of digital timers that are now available on the Teach Starter YouTube channel! Save each of them, or bookmark this blog so that they are easily accessible when you need a digital timer for your students.

The benefits of using an online digital timer in the classroom include:

  • They help to break down work into smaller more achievable chunks using a variety of different timed timers.
  • Digital timers create independent learners as they learn to navigate time management skills.
  • They help to support classroom management by keeping kids on task and moving forward.
  • They also help to keep you, the classroom teacher, on task as well!
  • Digital timers assist with incorporating brain breaks into your lessons.

Big Drink 20-Minute Online Digital Timer

Most age groups will benefit from this 20-minute timer. The image shows a colourful character drinking out of a straw and the drink slowly disappearing. Super cute!

Looking for a different time? This timer is also available in a 1-hour timer for the classroom, a 30-minute timer for the classroom, a 20-minute timer for the classroom, and finally a 2-minute timer. All of these videos are counting down from the time limit. This accurately gives your students the amount of time they have left to complete their tasks.

Disco Dancer 5-Minute Online Digital Timer

There are always going to be those smaller activities or brain breaks that will last for shorter periods of time. This is where this adorable visual timer comes in handy. A disco-themed backdrop that will put a smile on your students’ faces.

Digital timers in the classroom

The following timed options are available:

Counting Up Digital Timers for the Classroom

There may be instances where you will need a digital timer that counts up. For example, you may want students to write down how long a task has taken them to complete. You can pop on this one-hour counting-up digital timer and have students write down the time on the video when they complete their task.

When teaching students how to manage their time, a counting-up timer is sometimes easier to use. For example, you may want students to focus on planning for their writing in the first 10 minutes and then move onto the writing component. A counting up timer is much more effective.

We also have a 10 -minute counting up digital timer that would work well in this situation as well.

We’d love to hear how you use online digital timers in your classroom! Share with our teaching community in the comments section of this blog.

Check out our full range of free digital timers for the classroom on our YouTube playlist.


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