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Loveable Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Kids | With Printable Templates

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Are you looking for some delightfully loveable Mother’s Day craft ideas? You’ve come to the right place with these gorgeous heart-inspired craft ideas that can be used for anyone special in your students’ lives.


I Love You to Pieces Card

This is an oldie but a goodie! A fantastic hands-on, fine motor craft activity that is creative and fun.

Print out the template and decide if you are just going to use the white background or have the students cut out the heart and ‘I love you’ words to stick on a coloured piece of card.

Then use tissue paper cut into squares for the ‘pieces’ of the heart. Depending on the age of your students, you may like to have these pre-cut ready to go!

I Love You To Pieaces Card Template

Love Heart Waterfall Card

This gorgeous love heart waterfall card is perfect for your students to give to someone special in their lives!

Download our Love Heart Waterfall Card template for an easy Mother’s Day craft that your students will love!

Mother's Day Love Heart Waterfall Card

Colourful Heart Booklet

These heart booklets are just gorgeous! They are quite easy to create, so check out the video at the start of this blog to check the steps.

Students can write all about their mother or someone special in their lives in this beautiful heart-shaped note booklet.

Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Wanting Something a Little Different?

Check out this amazingly awesome Mother’s Day exploding gift box idea.

A challenging, but extremely popular Mother’s Day craft idea, particularly great for older students.

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

For more Mother’s Day activities and craft ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Collection.


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