7 Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Kids + Cards to Make in the Classroom This Year

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Are you planning to mark Mother’s Day in the classroom this year? Creating Mother’s Day crafts can be exciting for kids who can’t wait to bring home something for a mother or other carer, and creating small cards and gifts allows them to practise a whole host of skills from working those fine motor skills to letter writing.

But how do you ensure your students’ Mother’s Day activities are inclusive enough to reflect all types of families? And what crafts are the best use of your students’ time? The teachers on the Teach Starter team have pulled together some of our favourite ideas that can work in any classroom… and they’re all classroom ready to boot!

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids in the Classroom

Crafty Mother’s Day Cards

For a simple yet thoughtful gift for Mum, have your students get crafty with these super adorable Mother’s Day card ideas.

I Love You to Pieces Card

Students can tell any special parent figure they love them with this craft which also happens to be great for working those fine motor muscles! Students have to practise using scissors, pasting and writing. Print out the card template, and decide if you are just going to use the white background or have the students cut out the heart and ‘I love you’ words to stick on a coloured piece of card. Then, use tissue paper cut into squares for the ‘pieces’ of the heart.

Teach Starter Teacher Tip: Depending on the age of your students, you may want to have these pre-cut and ready to go, or your students can practise measuring out squares with a ruler, then put their scissor skills to the test!

I Love you to pieces card template

Exploding Card Idea

One creative craft from a member of our Teach Starter teacher team is the Mother’s Day exploding gift box idea. While this isn’t your traditional ‘card,’ it certainly still serves the same purpose!

This craft requires kids to carefully put the pieces together to get the ‘exploding’ effect, testing those engineering skills as they create something special for that special person.

Mother's day exploding card

Create a Flower Card

Pull out the craft table , and let your students get crafty by creating their very own card with whatever design they wish. This is a super cute idea where they place a picture of themselves in some pattycakes to create a pop-out flower on the card!

mother's day card craft idea for kids

Get more fun card ideas:

Flower Craft Gift Ideas for Mum

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a bunch of flowers, right? Here are some super creative flower craft ideas for Mother’s Day. The beauty about these is the students can give them to anyone special.

Pom-Pom Cactus

Do you have a million and one pom-poms in the classroom? Grab the little fuzzy balls, and have your students get creative creating plants the mother figure in their life can admire and never has to water!

Pom pom craft idea for mother's day

Hand Flower Template

All you need for this creative craft idea is some coloured paper, some pipe cleaners, ribbon and a cute hand to trace around! Students trace around their hand (they may need help) and cut out the hands. Then, use a pencil to curl the fingers around, creating this gorgeous flower.

All you need to do then is sticky tape the rounded hand onto some pipe cleaner and send the bouquets home with your students to make Mum’s day.


Make Her Heart Bloom

Hearts and flowers are both iconic Mother’s Day symbols, so why not bring them together? This creative Mother’s Day craft template has been designed as a flower with a twist! Students fold it up in the shape of a heart and add their messages for Mum. When she unfolds her gift, she’ll reveal the flower blossom!

mother's day flower card sitting on a countertop

Design Paper Towel Roses

You can call making paper towel roses a Mother’s Day craft or turn it into more of a STEM activity by having students hypothesize what will happen when you try to dye paper towels, recording observations all throughout this fun activity. No matter what you call it, the result will be some gorgeous flowers they can take home to gift to a special person in their world on Mother’s Day weekend.

Get the flower creation instructions here!

Paper towel flower craft idea for kids

For more Mother’s Day activities and craft ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Collection.


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