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Try These Ridiculously Fun "Roll A Story" Halloween Worksheets!

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Have you seen these awesome Roll to Create Games? Although the concept is a simple one, the fun level is extreme!

These printable Halloween worksheets allow students a chance to exercise their skills in drawing, colouring, creative writing and even a little bit of maths.

Roll to Create games can be played individually, or in pairs. Students roll a dice and use the corresponding features on the chart to create a picture, word, number or story! We have a printable blank template available for you in our Roll to Create Games resource collection, but we also know how awesome it is to be able to get your hands on a ready-to-go, downloadable teaching resources, so that you can simply print, photocopy and go!

Roll to Create a Spooky Scene

roll to create a spooky Halloween scene game

This Roll to Create a Spooky Scene printable Halloween game is a great way to reinforce some of the concepts you might already be exploring in Visual Art. Use this teaching resource to explain foreground, background and scale!

  • Download and print the Roll to Create a Spooky Scene worksheet.
  • Students roll the dice and find the corresponding spooky scene element on the chart.
  • Draw each element of their spooky scene onto a piece of paper.
  • Students will need to consider things like colour and scale when creating their spooky scene.

Roll to Create a Creepy, Crazy Story!

Roll to Create a Halloween story - printable writing prompt game

This one is my favourite!! Use this Roll a Story game to get students started on a fun Halloween creative writing task!

  • Download and print the Roll to Create a Creepy Story worksheet.
  • Students roll a dice and identify the corresponding narrative elements on the chart.
  • Each narrative element is recorded at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Once students have “rolled” the characters, setting and complication for their story they can begin to write their narrative.

You may like to print this great Halloween themed writing page for your students to display their work.

Roll to Create a Story - Halloween games for kids and teachers

Roll to Create a Haunted House

Roll to Create a Haunted House - Halloween teaching resource

And last, but not least in this collection of Halloween classroom activities, is Roll to Create a Haunted House.

  • Download and print the Roll to Create a Haunted House worksheet.
  • Students roll their dice and find the corresponding house and yard features on the chart.
  • Each time they identify an element, they add it to their haunted house drawing.
  • When students have completed their drawings, they can decorate, name and display their work!

Halloween Themed Artwork Name Plates

Halloween Activity Classroom Display

I’ve customised the Halloween Word Wall resource in the Teach Starter Studio feature to create these fun Halloween themed artwork nameplates!

How to Print Blank Artwork Name Plates

You might like to simply print blank nameplates for your students to fill in. Here’s how you can do that with any of our editable word wall or tray label or name tag printable resources.

  1. Go to the Halloween Word Wall teaching resource.
  2. Click on the blue “Customise” button (to the right of the Download button). This will redirect you to the Studio, with a Studio Wizard pop-up.
  3. In the box that contains all of the default Halloween vocabulary words, select all and delete the words.
  4. Leaving the “Vocabulary Words” box blank, click on the green “Create” button at the bottom right of the pop-up.
  5. Save and download the blank nameplates.
  6. Print the templates two sheets to each page.
  7. Cut out the blank nameplates and have students write the title, their name and the date of their artworks.

How to Create Customised Artwork Name Plates

Here’s how you can do it for your students’ work too.

  1. Follow Steps 1 to 4 above.
  2. Select the font and font size you’d like (I used ‘Open Dyslexia Pro’ at 32px  in the example above).
  3. Type in the Title of your student’s artwork.
  4. Resize and centre the textbox using the anchors.
  5. Drag and drop a new textbox from the sidebar onto the template.
  6. Select the font and size you’d like (the example uses the Default font at 24px)
  7. Type in your student’s name and the date.
  8. Resize and centre the textbox using the anchors.
  9. Repeat for each of the nameplates you need, simply clicking the blue “add a page” button when you need a new sheet.
  10. Save and download the finished studio file.
  11. Print the nameplates two sheets to each page, then cut them out for display!

printable halloween activities and resources

You can check out all of our printable Halloween activities in our full Halloween teaching resource collection!


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