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Our Top 10 Poetry Resources Downloaded by Teachers

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If you’re currently teaching a unit on poetry, you need look no further than our awesome collection of poetry resources to help you through the term!

All of our amazing poetry resources were written by our very own resident poet and teacher, Steph! She’s carefully crafted a collection of original, level-appropriate and curriculum-aligned poems and accompanying activities.

“I wrote poems that children can relate to. Each poem demonstrates a different poetic device, and includes teacher resources linking to the curriculum codes. ” – Steph, Resource Producer.

Our talented designer, Fleur, worked on the design elements of the poetry resources, bringing Steph’s poems to life!

“After reading each of the poems and brainstorming some ideas I sketched my design concepts and began building each of the designs. This involved grabbing pre-existing elements from our designer’s database of illustrations as well as creating new elements as needed.” – Fleur, Designer.

Hear Steph speak passionately about her work on our poetry resources:


So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten poetry resources downloaded from the Teach Starter vault!

No. 10 – Poetry Resources Folder Cover and Dividers

how to teach poetry to kids poetry resources collection folder

Store all of your poetry resources in one handy folder! For more ideas on organising your unit, read our blog about setting up a Poetry Resources folder!

No. 9 – Poetry Journal Book Cover

how to teach poetry to kids poetry resources collection folder cover

Our Poetry Journal Book Cover is a printable resource which is perfect for students to colour in and decorate the covers of their poetry books or folders!

No. 8 – Thoughts in Verse: A Collection of Poems for Children

how to teach poetry resources thoughts in verse book of poems for kids

Thoughts in Verse is a carefully crafted collection of original poems written especially for children who are learning about the poetic devices used in poetry. This is one of our must-have poetry resources for primary classrooms.

No. 7 – Onomatopoeia Word Wall

how to teach poetry resources onomatopoeia word wall

Spelling onomatopoeia is a little tricky, but learning about it can be so much fun with our bright and engaging Onomatopoeia Word Wall. Add this one to your list of poetry resources to download!

No. 6 – Poetry Word Wall

how to teach poetry resources poetry word wall

Our ever-popular Poetry Word Wall will equip your students with relevant vocabulary to use when analysing poetry. Take a look at our blog for 27 great ideas for using a word wall in your classroom.

No. 5 – Exploring Poetry Year 3 and Year 4 Unit Plan

Exploring Poetry Resources Unit Plan Primary Teaching English

Exploring Poetry is a curriculum-aligned series of 60 minute lessons to teach your students the basics of poetry! It’s one of our most-loved poetry resources and it’s ready for you to download and teach!

No. 4 – Experimenting with Poetry Year 5 and Year 6 Unit Plan

Experimenting with Poetry Resources Unit plan how to teach poetry primary students teachers folder

Our complete English unit Experimenting with Poetry is designed specifically for upper primary students and delves further into the genre of poetry than its lower years counterpart, above.

No. 3 – Literary Devices Posters

teaching poetry resources poetic devices literary devices poster

Our Literary Devices posters are an effective visual display to help students identify and use 12 important devices used in poetry. These have been a hit with teachers wanting to adorn their classroom walls with informative poetry posters.

No. 2 – Elements of Poetry PowerPoint Year 5 and Year 6 

teaching poetry resources poetic devices elements of poetry powerpoint

This PowerPoint presentation could be used as an introduction or refresher when embarking on your poetry unit, or warm up for writing sessions.

We’ve prepared this fantastic resource so you don’t have to! If you love ready-made PowerPoints for teaching poetry, check out another one of our must-have poetry resources, our Analysing Poetry PowerPoint.

No. 1 – Exploring Poetry Workbook

poetry resource folder teaching planning workbook sheets

In the top spot for most downloaded poetry resource is the Exploring Poetry Workbook, written by Steph and designed by Fleur. A must-have for any class learning the ins and outs of the genre of poetry!

If you’re currently planning or teaching a poetry unit, be sure to check out our blogs about setting up your poetry resources folder and teaching poetry with mini book making!


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