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Action Verbs Poster

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 7

A poster giving the definition and examples of action verbs.

Information includes:

An action verb expresses something that a person, animal, object or force of nature can do or be, as in, “The water gurgled all the way down the sink.”

To move slowly: crawled, crept, dragged, inched, lingered, lurched, lurked, prowled, snaked, slacked, slid, sluggish, sneaked, snooped, snuck.

To move quickly: barreled, bolted, charged, chased, crashed through, dashed, darted, flashed, fled, flew, galloped, glided, hasted, hurried, hustled, jogged, pelted, plowed, plunged, pounced, pressed, proceeded, propelled, raced, ran, rocketed, rushed, sailed, scampered, scooted, scrambled, scurried, sped, sprinted, trotted, whisked, zipped, zoomed.

To walk: approached, followed, footed, hiked, marched, paced, patrolled, pranced, roamed, romped, stepped, skipped, stalked, stomped, strode, strolled, strutted, trailed, waddled, waded, wandered, wobbled.

To look: admired, awed, beamed, beheld, eyed, focused, gaped, gawked, gazed, glanced, glared, looked, narrowed, observed, peeked, peered, riveted, saw, scanned, sighted, spied, spotted, squinted, stared, studied, surveyed, viewed, watched.

Facial Expressions and Emotions: bawled, beamed, cackled, chuckled, contorted, cried, frowned, glowered, grimaced, grinned, laughed, mocked, mouthed, pursed lips, pouted, puckered, raised brows, rolled eyes, scowled, screamed, sighed, smiled, smirked, snarled, sneered, squawked, squinted, wept, yelled.


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