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Build and Write a Sentence – Worksheets

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PDF | 10 pages | Years: F - 1

A set of 10 worksheets to enable students to practise building and writing sentences.

Sentences are the key to expressing simple ideas

Sentences are the key units for expressing simple ideas. By pulling a few choice words together in an order that makes sense, we can share meaning and communicate with others. Add capital letters and end punctuation and hey, presto! You have a sentence!

How do students create sentences using this resource?

Each worksheet (there are 10 to choose from!) has a table containing 16 simple words. Students choose words from the table to build a sentence. They must start their sentence with a word that has a capital letter.

Once they have chosen their words, the students write the sentence they have built on the lines provided. They are reminded to end their sentence with a full stop.

There is a box at the bottom of the worksheet so that the students can draw a colour a picture of their sentence, thus further developing their fine motor skills.

A worksheet that makes differentiation a breeze!

The beauty of this resource is its open-endedness! This worksheet allows students to build and write sentences at their own level of confidence. Some students may build a sentence using only 3 words from the table. Others may build sentences using 7 or 8 words. Opportunities also exist to extend students by encouraging them to find and add extra words to their completed sentences.

Looking for something easier?

Do you have students who need to consolidate their understanding of sentences before tackling this resource? Our Making Sentences – Cut and Paste Worksheets may be exactly what they need!

Image of Making Sentences – Cut and Paste Worksheets

teaching resource

Making Sentences – Cut and Paste Worksheets

A set of 10 cut and paste worksheets for making short sentences.

Teach Starter Publishing10 pagesYears: F - R


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