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Positional Language Spinner

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PDF | 1 page | Years: F - R

Have fun using this spinner to reinforce understanding of positional language!

Use this resource to help students gain experience with using positional language. The spinner could be used in a variety of ways – either in small groups or independently.

Print the spinner on thick card for durability, and attach the arrow with a split pin.

What Positional Language Is Included?

Positional words are those prepositions that tell us where something or someone is. The following words are included in this resource:

  • near
  • below
  • in front of
  • above
  • behind
  • between.

How Might I Use This Resource in My Early Years Classroom?

Try these ideas:

  1. Working with a partner, students take turns spinning the spinner for each other. One person spins, the other person names two objects that can be related to each other using the spun word, e.g. the chair is behind the desk.
  2. After choosing a particular object to move about, students spin the spinner to direct where to place the object, e.g. the teddy is near the window, the teddy is in front of the bookshelf. Alternatively, students could place themselves in different positions and describe them, e.g. I am below the window.
  3. Students spin the spinner and then draw two objects to match their spin, e.g. the apple is between the bananas.

Spinners are a great way to encourage comparison while allowing for random selection of terms/categories. Looking for other spinners to try in your classroom? Try one of these:


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