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Recognising British Coins – Worksheet

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PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 2

Explore British coins and their worth with this simple worksheet.

Use this Maths worksheet to enable your students to practise identifying British coins and their values.

Students locate and colour the coins according to the instructions provided.

Scaffolding and Extension Tips 

In addition to individual student work time, use this worksheet as a:

  • maths groups activity
  • homework task
  • whole-class review (via smartboard)
  • summative assessment.

Got fast finishers? You could challenge more capable students by asking them to:

  • find the total amount of each type of coin
  • circle a group of coins, then find their total
  • find the total amount of all coins on the worksheet.

Do you have some students who need extra support? Why not:

  • provide them with coin manipulatives to assist with the identification of each coin
  • provide them with a poster of British currency to refer to
  • allow them to complete the activity in a small group with adult assistance.

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