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Subtraction by Regrouping Poster

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PDF | 1 page | Years: 1 - 5

A poster displaying subtraction by regrouping.

This teaching resource can be used as a visual reminder of the steps used in subtraction by regrouping.

Print this educational poster out in A3 or larger and display it in your classroom.

Refer to it when you are working with subtraction concepts.

Information includes:

Subtraction by regrouping is used to subtract numbers with more than one digit.

32-12 = 20
1. Rearrange the equation so that the numbers line up above and below.
2. Do the subtractions one column at a time.

What if a column has a smaller number on top?
25-18 = 7
1. Make the 5 larger by regrouping, taking 1 from the tens column.


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