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The Wacky Professor's Treasure - Whole Class Game

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 6 pages | Years: 2 - 6

A whole class game that allows students to complete grammar activities, while working together to solve a riddle!

The Wacky Professor has secured some precious treasure in a locked box, protected by a code which is in the form of a sentence. She has created five grammar activities and a riddle for you to solve. By correctly completing the activities, you will have the five words you need to unlock the box. The riddle will help you to put the words into the correct order to make the sentence.

The aim of this activity is to apply students’ understanding of language concepts using puzzles and hands-on activities in an engaging role-play scenario.

The information provided to the students is:

The Wacky Professor has locked some treasure in a box, protected by a code. The code is a sentence that has five words. She has created five puzzles and a riddle for you to solve. By correctly completing the puzzles, you will have the five words needed to make into a sentence and then unlock the box.
Your task is to solve the five puzzles to find the words needed to unlock the treasure box. Use the riddle to put the five words in the correct order. The first group to work out the code to the lock can open the treasure box and keep the contents!

The activities include:

  • a contractions word search
  • a past, present and future table with missing words
  • scrambled words
  • homophones and
  • keypad code to decipher.


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