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How to Make an Origami Bunny Ring Video

Teach Starter Publishing
2 mins | Years: 2 - 6

Make cute origami bunny rings with your students using this easy-to-follow video containing origami bunny instructions.

Origami Paper Rings for Kids

Are you looking for an origami activity to add to your rotation of Easter crafts? Look no further than Teach Starter’s origami bunny rings!

Origami paper rings offer a creative twist on traditional paper folding, allowing students to craft charming animal-themed accessories. Creating these rings involves careful folding techniques to shape paper into durable and visually appealing animal designs. This engaging activity not only enhances students’ fine motor skills but also sparks their creativity and imagination!

In our origami video tutorial, students will learn how to craft origami bunny rings perfect for the Easter season! Using just a few strips of coloured paper, students can fashion their own cute and cuddly bunny-inspired paper rings. Once folded, students can use a black marker to add facial features and whiskers to their unique creations.

Add Origami Bunnies to Your Easter Activities

Don’t let your students’ newly created origami bunny rings hop away just yet! Here are some ideas as to how you might include these paper creations in your classroom, particularly as the Easter season approaches:

  1. Easter Decorations – Students can create origami bunny rings in various colours and sizes to decorate the classroom for Easter. They can hang the bunny rings on strings to make garlands, attach them to bulletin boards or scatter them around the classroom as decorations.
  2. Bunny Ring Hunt – Hide origami bunny rings around the classroom or school grounds for an Easter egg hunt with a twist. Students can search for the bunny rings and collect them as they would Easter eggs. You can even add small treats or rewards to some of the bunny rings for extra excitement.
  3. Easter Cards and Gifts – Students can create Easter cards or gifts using origami bunny rings as embellishments. They can attach the bunny rings to handmade cards, gift tags or Easter baskets to add a special touch to their Easter greetings.

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