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How to Make an Origami Penguin Video

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1 min | Years: F - 6

Teach your students how to make an easy origami penguin with this instructional origami video.

Step-by-Step Origami Penguin Instructions

Origami can be a fantastic tool to use in the classroom! It offers many benefits to students, such as:

  • Fine Motor Skills – Origami involves precise folding and manipulation of paper, promoting the development of fine motor skills in students.
  • Spatial Awareness – Folding paper into specific shapes enhances spatial awareness, helping students visualise and understand geometric concepts.
  • Patience and Focus – Origami requires concentration and patience, fostering a sense of focus and attention to detail among students.

In addition to this, it is great fun, too!

This origami video will teach your students how to make a simple origami penguin. We recommend that you use this video in conjunction with our set of step-by-step origami penguin instructions that will guide your students through the paper-folding process. You’ll also need small pieces of coloured paper and a crayon or black marker so your students can add eyes and other distinguishing features to their origami penguin.

By incorporating origami into your classroom, teachers can provide a fun and creative outlet for students and enhance their cognitive and motor skills across different subjects.

Use This Origami Penguin Across the Curriculum

Before you send these cute origami penguins toddling off on their way, be sure to get maximum use out of them! Incorporating these origami penguins into your lessons can be fun and educational for your students. Here are several ways to use origami penguins across different subjects:

  1. Penguin Habitats in Geography – While students are creating their easy origami penguins, introduce the concept of different penguin species and their habitats. Have students research where these birds are found worldwide and mark these habitats on a world map.
  2. Penguin Life Cycles in Science – Use the origami penguins as inspiration for a class discussion about the life cycle of penguins. Discuss the stages from egg to chick to adult. The students could create a flow chart using their origami penguin to represent the adult stage.
  3. Penguins and Environmental Sustainability – Use the origami penguins as a starting point for lessons on environmental awareness and protection. Discuss the importance of penguin conservation and the challenges these birds face.

More Easy Origami Animals

Looking for more step-by-step origami animals for your students to create? Check out the selection below!

[resource:2717598] [resource:2717574] [resource:2717582]

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