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How to Make an Origami Rabbit

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Years: F - 6

Teach your students how to make an easy origami rabbit with this instructional origami video.

Learn How to Make an Origami Rabbit

Origami can be a fantastic tool to use in the classroom, offering many benefits to students. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Fine Motor Skills – Origami involves precise folding and manipulation of paper, promoting the development of fine motor skills in students.
  • Enhanced Spatial Awareness – Folding paper into specific shapes enhances spatial awareness, helping students visualise and understand geometric concepts.
  • Increased Patience and Focus – Origami requires concentration and patience, fostering a sense of focus and attention to detail among students.

It is great fun, too!

This origami video will teach your students how to make a simple origami rabbit. We recommend that you use this video in conjunction with our set of printable origami rabbit instructions that will guide your students through the paper-folding process. You’ll also need small pieces of coloured paper and a black crayon or marker so your students can add eyes and whiskers to their origami rabbit.

Whether you are providing your students with a brain break, focusing on fine-motor development or just trying to add an element of calm to a chaotic classroom, this origami rabbit is sure to meet your expectations!

Use Our Easy Origami Rabbit with Your Easter Activities

Before your students’ origami rabbits start hopping off into the distance, be sure to get some good mileage out of them first! Why not incorporate these cute origami bunnies into your Easter craft activities? We have some great suggestions below!

  1. Easter Classroom Decorations – Use your students’ origami rabbits to decorate your classroom as Easter approaches. Hang them from the ceiling on string or place them on tables as centrepieces.
  2. Egg Hunt Markers – Use your students’ origami bunnies to serve as markers for an Easter egg hunt. Place them strategically around the hunting area to guide children to the hidden eggs.
  3. Easter Bonnet Accessories – Use the students’ origami rabbits as embellishments to Easter bonnets or hats. Students can attach them using glue or pins to add a playful element to their headwear!

More Easy Origami Animals

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