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How to Make an Origami Giraffe Video

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Years: F - 6

Teach your students how to make an easy origami giraffe with this instructional origami video.

Learn How to Make an Origami Giraffe

Did you know that the art of origami provides numerous educational benefits to students? 

Origami involves the meticulous folding and manipulation of paper, contributing to the refinement of fine motor skills. The process demands concentration and patience, nurturing a heightened sense of focus and attention to detail. Additionally, engaging in origami serves as an introduction to a traditional Japanese art form, cultivating awareness and fostering appreciation for the rich traditions of an ancient culture.

This origami video will teach your students how to make a simple origami giraffe. We recommend that you use this video in conjunction with our set of printable giraffe origami instructions that will guide your students through the paper-folding process. You’ll also need small pieces of yellow paper and a brown crayon or marker so your students can add patches (spots) to their origami giraffes.

Whether you’re doing some origami for a brain break, during a wet recess or for all the benefits mentioned above, this origami giraffe is sure to be a favourite with your students!

Multiple Applications for This Origami Giraffe

Don’t send your students’ origami giraffes out into the savannah just yet! Incorporating these paper creations into your lessons can be both fun and educational for your students. Here are some ways you might like to use these origami giraffes in your lessons:

  1. Collaborative Habitat Project – Why not have your students work in groups to create a model habitat for their origami giraffes? Not only does this teach students about the natural environments in which giraffes make their homes, but also promotes creativity and teamwork. It’s a win-win!
  2. Giraffe Measurement Stats – Have students research key measurement statistics of adult giraffes, such as weight, height and width. These could be featured in a class display and accompanied by the students’ origami giraffes.
  3. Story Writing and Character Development – Have your students write a short story that features their origami giraffe as the central character. After writing, students could share their story with a peer or with the class. 

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